F R A N   B E A U F R A N D

Fran Beaufrand. Venezuela. Beaufrand's photographic work begins in the mid-eighties, particularly oriented towards fashion photography and showing a strong interest in art. His training at the School of Arts, Central University of Venezuela and later studying graphic design have allowed him to develop a unique style and a particular view on fashion. In the last two decades there has been a contributor to major publications in Venezuela and Latin America as Complot, Fucsia, Ocean Drive and Gatopardo. It has also developed a multitude of advertising campaigns including Motorolla, Ford, Chivas Regal, Pirelli, Coca Cola, Movistar, Smirnoff, and various projects for the biggest names in fashion and the world of music in Venezuela are counted. His photographic work has been honored with several awards, including the Biennale Dior in 1995 and is published in the book "Fran Beaufrand pictures" and reviewed in other publications such as "Image and Memory" and "Photography in Venezuela from 1960 to 2000. Also part of private collections and major museums in Venezuela, among which are the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Alejandro Otero Museum and National Art Gallery in Venezuela. He currently resides in Caracas, where he is a Commercial Photographer.

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